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What a good and funny idea is MenuWrite!
As you know, we travel a lot around the world and indeed we notice that in Europe reading the menus is virtually impossible – if you don’t understand the language. How often my wife and I have not tried to find out what is being served – countless times. We had the biggest problems in France and Italy. Although they translate the menus into English more often than before, it is just as difficult to understand as the French or Italian text. This is because they give fixed names to certain recipes and many people do not understand that. If you do not know the word crème brulée, or Ballotine, then a translation does not make sense either. The restaurants must learn to explain what something is and give a description of what you are going to eat. In Spain I accidentally ordered a callos a la Madrileña, because I thought that a recipe with such a good name should taste great. It was tripe. And in Perpignan I once ate a pata de cerdo and I had no idea that it was a pork leg. It was nice, but if I had known in advance that it was a pig’s leg, I would never have ordered it.

Rens Broekhuis
Amsterdam, Netherlands