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Travel and food are two of my favorite activities – cooking and visiting new restaurants are a great joy to me. And when they’re in a foreign country, it’s even better! But while traveling through Europe and other areas, I noticed that while the restaurants and food were incredible, their ability to communicate their menu was not as good. Sometimes it’s just a simple typo or pluralizing something incorrectly – good for a smile. But more serious were the menu items that I knew what they were, but the English version was SO confusing I had to ask the waiter to make sure I had the right thing. And I have to say, not as many restaurant servers speak adequate English to explain unique and complex dishes and ingredients – so many times foreign clients have to choose something more vanilla/boring. This was the birth of MenuWrite – so that foreign clients can maximize their food experience while traveling to new countries, and so restaurant owners can actually serve some of their best and most special dishes to clients who know what they’re ordering. No more “Pork Knuckle” for the German classic “Schweinshaxe” – a wonderful, slow roasted, super tender bone in pork cut 😉

Mike Essary (San Diego, California, USA)