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“YOU know what your menu items are – but do your Clients?”


A good English description of your menu offerings encourages clients to try new items! It also reduces the need for waiters/waitresses to have to translate menus for clients. No need to test their English skills. Simple typos are amusing, but confusing descriptions are damaging.

A Menu description is NOT just a list of ingredients – it’s a presentation of your Kitchen’s creations used to attract your clients and we use your input to express the best description of your food!

Using a localized English menu description helps your clients understand what they’re ordering.  We offer “one-time” menu review/recommendations – or we can provide a service for restaurants with changing or seasonal menus/special events.


Our pricing is designed to be affordable for the one-time client who just wants to update their current English language. The menu price will depend on the size of the menu and items included. Please contact us for a quick quote!!

For clients with a need for seasonal or specialty menu updating we will quote an annual or item fee for you after review of your proposed schedule. And for clients who have no English menu but would like to improve the experience for their international customers while increasing the revenues, we can transform your German menu into an accurate and enticing English version.


How do I do this?
We have an easy submittal/feedback process – We will review and improve your English portion of your menu digitally! No need to mail or set up meetings. Submittal of your menu and support information and our feedback/final recommendations is all done by email. We are also available to discuss on the phone for clients wanting direct communication with us. We have team members who speak English and German. Menu printing is not included.


Read: “Importance of Menu Design” from Food Republic.


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